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Oil Burner Cleaning, Tune-up & Efficiency Test

Oil Heating System Cleaning, Tune-up & Efficiency Test

Having Metrowest Oil Service clean, tune and test your oil-fired home heating system will make sure it's running at peak efficiency, save you money by using less heating oil -- and you'll have peace of mind knowing that your oil burner is not sending carbon monoxide or other noxious gases into your home, and that there are no other safety issues with your oil burner.

Service Includes:
  • Replace Nozzle
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Replace Oil Pump Strainer & Gasket
  • Clean & Adjust Ignition Electrodes
  • Clean, Vacuum & Inspect Boiler
  • Clean, Vacuum & Inspect Fire Box
  • Clean, Vacuum & Inspect Blast Tube(s)
  • Clean, Vacuum & Inspect Flue Pipe
  • Clean, Vacuum & Inspect Chimney Base
  • Lubricate all Motors & Bearings
  • Seal Air Leaks around Boiler Doors & Flue
  • Blow out Oil Line with Co2 Charge
  • Clean, Test & Adjust Controls & Switches
  • Clean, Test & Adjust Thermostat(s)
  • Test & Adjust Pump Pressure
  • Check Water Lines & Venting for Leaks
  • Inspect Oil Tank & Oil Line for Leaks
  • Perform Burner Efficiency Test

Metrowest Oil Service Provides You with a Written Report of All Work Done!

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