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Deluxe Service Contract

PLAN C - The MetroWest Oil Service Deluxe Heating System Service Contract offers the most comprehensive protection for your heating system. The Deluxe Policy includes an annual oil burner cleaning, tune-up and efficiency test, plus all the benefits and coverage of our Standard Policy, and covers many additional components of your heating system.

Please read the information on these pages carefully to assure you fully understand our service policies. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email and we will be glad to help you.

info about Heating System Service Contracts from Metrowest Oil Service

The Deluxe Policy covers (1) Annual Burner Cleaning, Tune-up & Efficiency Test per year, including parts and labor as listed below.*

  • Brush and vacuum unit
  • Clean smokepipe
  • Replace oil filter cartridge
  • Clean and adjust electrodes
  • Flush low water cutoff
  • Test safety lockout
  • Complete efficiency test
  • Clean nozzle assembly and replace nozzle
  • Clean or replace gauge glass
  • Clean or replace fuel pump strainer
  • Clean and check combustion chamber
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Lubricate motor, burner, and circulator
  • Adjust burner
  • Flush oil line

In addition to the coverage listed under the tune-up agreement, there will be no labor charge for the repair or replacement of the following parts when needed due to normal wear and use.*

  • Burner motor (up to 1/4 HP)
  • Ignition transformer
  • Electrodes
  • Cad cell and leads
  • Ignotion wires
  • Firomatic switch
  • Toggle switch
  • Primary control (non air cond. use)
  • Single zone switching relay
  • Thermostat (kitchen zone, heat only non-programmable)
  • Blower motor (non air cond. use)
  • Combustion head
  • Econogauge
  • Blower fan belt
  • Burner fuel pump
  • Burner fuel pump coupling
  • Burner jet line
  • Firomatic valve
  • Oil filter complete
  • Blast tube
  • Fan and limit switch

NOTE: Standard coverage is available for your oil fired water heater for an additional charge.

With the Deluxe policy, in addition to the coverage provided under the tune-up and standard agreements, there will be no labor or materials charge for the repair or replacement of the following parts when needed due to normal wear and use.*

  • Circulator (kitchen zone)
  • Zone valve (kitchen zone)
  • Expansion tank
  • Float vent (maximum 3)
  • Coin vent (maximum 3)
  • Dirt pocket cap
  • Boiler relief valve
  • Boiler backflow preventer
  • Pressuretrol
  • Boiler pressure reducing valve
  • Purging of air system (1 per year)

*Additional parts and labor will be charged on time and materials basis.

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